The sound of everything.

Many yoga classes begin and end with this vibration. Voices joining as one, so you become connected. You can feel the sound resonate deep within your chest.

Spelled AUM:

A- represents the god Brahma who creates
U- represents the lord Vishnu who sustains
M- represents the lord Shiva who destroys or transforms

This is the cycle of nature. A seed is created, then sustained as a plant. Like all life, it is destroyed and returns back to the soil, only to begin again. I observe this transformation daily in my garden. I also try to absorb and acknowledge these shifts as I rest in savasana.

This is the cycle of a day, a moment, a pregnancy, a breath.

A sound used for blessings, for strength, for prayer, to calm children, to welcome, and to salute. And today, in this garden, to begin the blogging adventure.


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